How much does IVF cost in Mumbai?

Are you getting the IVF treatment at a reasonable cost?

Living in Mumbai is no less than a blessing to few people, as it is a core focus for many things, and where everything is advanced and straightforward, and one amongst them is the In vitro fertilization or IVF treatment cost Mumbai.

Sometimes IVF treatment is also known as a test-tube baby treatment, and for that, the most effective method is ART technology. Now, what exactly is this ART technology? And how does it work?

Let’s start with the basic concepts of fertility from the start and then focus on the cost-effective IVF treatment cost in Mumbai.

How is IVF one of the best solutions for Infertility?


ART- A miracle for thousands of parents who have infertility problems in their life.

ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Technology, which includes the basic to advanced treatments to remove the name ‘infertility’ from the lives of couples.

IVF is one of the advanced and primarily tried treatments for Infertility.

Starting from the primary treatment, there are few advanced treatments as well, as each individual has different conditions and fertility levels; for example, if the male is going through painful intercourse or unable to impregnate the partner, then the best method to conceive a baby is- IUI (Intrauterine Insemination is one of the basic procedures)

In other cases, if the female faces issues like PCOS, ovulation issues, premature ovarian failure, or endometriosis, the male has low sperm count or poor motility] of sperms. The advanced technology that is IVF is used.

Why is IVF the best option for Advanced level Infertility?

The first and pre-most is that IVF in Mumbai is down budget and affordable by every sterile parent. But that also doesn’t indicate that it’s in thousands.

IVF is divided into two parts, the basic treatment, and the advanced treatment, and the cost of IVF in Mumbai is affected by both of them.

In the primary IVF treatment, the healthy sperms and eggs of intended parents are fertilized in vitro, after which the embryo is again inserted into the intended mother’s womb.

Whereas in the advanced one, if the intended mother or father has unhealthy eggs or sperms, then the eggs and sperms of a donor are fertilized in vitro and then injected into the uterus near the fallopian tube of the intended mother.

Both the procedures are performed, after various level tests and checkups, first, the surgeons try with intended parents’ egg and sperm, and if they don’t work, then moves on to other options.

The procedure of IVF treatment-

  • Controlled ovarian stimulation with hormones for the development of eggs in women
  • Ovum Pickup (egg group) under brief anesthesia
  • The mixing of these eggs by washed sperms in the vitro for natural regeneration
  • Embryo formation in the incubator from the IVF Laboratory
  • Transfer of 2-3 highest quality embryos inside the uterus of the mother
  • Pregnancy Test after 14 days of embryo transfer

What are the advanced treatments for IVF that enhance the IVF treatment cost in Mumbai?

IVF with ICSI- The treatment is helpful when the male partner has infertility issues. Here, the experts will ejaculate the sperm from the male and directly inject one sperm into each egg to increase the chances of fertilization.

IVF with PGD- The process is performed before IVF treatment to monitor the genetic disorder of biological parents to be treated and not pass to the newborn baby.

IVF with Egg donor- In some cases, the intended mother cannot produce enough eggs for fertilization. Then, the donor’s egg is fertilized with the sperm of the intended father, and the embryo is injected into the intended mother’s uterus.

IVF (in vitro fertilization) with surrogacy

This process is mainly helpful for single parents, same-sex couples, and other couples.

In this process, the sperm or eggs or intended father and mother are used and fertilized. But the difference is, another woman, known as a surrogate mother or birth mother, will carry out the pregnancy for them.

IVF treatment package includes-

  • Medication such as fertility drugs and hormonal injections
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound and blood tests
  • Egg collection
  • Regular check-ups
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

What is the IVF cost in Mumbai?

On average, the IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment can cost 1,50,000 to 2,00,000. This treatment includes all the medication, transvaginal ultrasounds, and hormonal blood tests of the parents; as it includes all the charges, the parents need not pay any extra penny.

IVF is one of the lowest-budget infertility treatments, especially in Mumbai.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment in Mumbai?

The IVF treatment success rate of Mumbai has touched the zenith level, as it has occupied the first position on the list of best and cost-effective IVF treatments.

But now technology has made it possible too. There are 18-30% success rate chances in the first cycle, where 82% fail to conceive. The IVF results in a better success rate if the woman is not above 40.

Thus, be prepared that in IVF, it is possible that you have to go through 2-3 cycles.

The success rate of Mumbai has been quite effective, with 72-75% success that includes the birth of IVF babies.

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