Fertility Centre India – Best surrogacy center in Mumbai

Best surrogacy center in Mumbai

The current success rate of surrogacy in Mumbai is around 65% to 75%.

Mumbai is a plethora of multiple health facilities and treatments, among which infertility is one. Hundreds of couples come to the city to search for the best surrogacy center in Mumbai and complete the dream of being parents.

‘Fertility Center India is one of the top-most places that offer the best fertility treatments under one roof at budget range price. Our expert team offers the intended parents multiple options, among which choosing one is their choice.

Many parents with infertility issues choose surrogacy as the intended treatment. Thus, our Fertility center is counted as the best surrogacy center in Mumbai.

Are you dreaming of a complete family? Voila! You have got to your correct destination. Our best team at Fertility center India cares for you and your future child and helps you get the best treatment.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a multi-stage infertility treatment, where the eggs and sperm of intended parents or egg or sperm donors are implanted into the uterus of other women known as the birth or surrogate mother. The whole procedure is legally performed where both the parties have to sign a legal contract. The best part is, you can be the biological parent of your baby.

Surrogacy is one of the most chosen options for infertility after the IUI, or IVF treatment fails because it guarantees 100% surety of you becoming parents.

Types of surrogacies

There are genially two types of surrogacies.

Traditional Surrogacy- It is BANNED in India, where the surrogate mother is the baby’s biological mother.

Gestational Surrogacy- In gestational surrogacy, another woman bears the child on behalf of intended parents, where the eggs and sperm of intended parents are fertilized in vitro and then injected into the surrogate mother’s body.

The charges of surrogacy vary according to the treatment, and both surrogacies have different charges.

Reasons why one needed surrogacy?

Disfunction of the uterus- it results in hysteration or being born without a functional uterus.

Uterine abnormalities such as Asherman’s syndrome, inability to develop a thick and supportive uterine lining

Medical abomination- It makes pregnancy risky for women, for example, tuberculosis, hypertension

Chronic reproductive loss

What is the procedure of Surrogacy in the Best surrogacy center in Mumbai?

Before opting for surrogacy treatment in Mumbai, the couple must know what they are stepping foot into. Thus, we have made a quick note about what procedure ‘Fertility Center India’ is followed and how efficiently our team works.

The consultation

Our team provides accurate details, guidance, and consultation to the family and couples about the steps and how to choose a surrogate mother as per requirement.


1. The intended mother/egg donor and surrogate mother have to take oral conceptive, which will help.

  • To sync their menstrual cycle.
  • To prepare the body of the surrogate mother for embryo implantation

The surrogate mother must have a regular check-up for the endometrium preparation, transvaginal scans for endometrial lining measurement, blood test for estradiol, and progesterone hormone check-up.

2. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

– The process is performed on day 21 of the menstrual cycle. In FET, after the egg fertilization, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s womb.

– Blood tests are performed for estradiol and progesterone hormone check

3. After ten days of FET, the pregnancy test is performed, either it’s positive or negative

What are the after-fertilization benefits for the surrogate mother?

Fertility center India ensures that every treatment is provided to the baby and its birth/ surrogate mother.

The benefits include-

All the services and care of surrogate mother and baby.

Regular check-ups and proper checks up on 6th and 11th week for monitoring the growth and condition.

In week 12 and week 38, the check-ups include

Physical examination and treatment

Vitamins for the good health of baby and mommy.

How to know who will be the perfect surrogate mother for your baby?

  • Healthy women
  • Age under 30
  • Complications free pregnancy
  • Stay away from smoking and drinking
  • Lives in a safe and healthy environment

How much does surrogacy cost at the best surrogacy center in Mumbai?

The cost of surrogacy treatment at the best fertility center in Mumbai varies from patient to patient and their conditions, such as medical conditions or treatment chosen.

Plus, if the intended mother or father cannot give fertile sperm of eggs, then an egg or sperm donor is used, which increases the cost of surrogacy treatment in Mumbai.

But, on average, the cost of surrogacy treatment at the best surrogacy center in Mumbai is 12 to 16Lakhs.

Our treatment includes the best surgeons of India, Advanced equipment, legal procedure, and all the medical care for surrogate mothers and babies.

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