How much does IVF cost in Delhi?

How much does IVF cost in Delhi?


Fertility Center Delhi is one of the pre-eminent companies that help you overcome your infertility issues. With a handful of medical treatments and techniques like IVF, a couple can lead a happy and blissful life. At Fertility Center Delhi, our specialized doctors and surgeons deliver the best quality treatment that has the highest chances of conceiving the baby. Along with that, another team is available 24×7 for emotional support. Plus, you can get free assistance from our experts.

But, before planning on having an IVF treatment, this first question to pop up in mind is what would be the IVF cost in Delhi? Are the prices genuine? Is the treatment worth it?
For that, the Fertility Center in India will help you choose whether you are taking the right step or not.

Before we move on, are you aware of the process of IVF?

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the medical process of conceiving a baby where the egg is combined with the sperm in vitro, and after embryo formation or fertilization, it is transferred to the mother’s uterus.

IVF treatment is the solution for-

When it comes to infertility, IVF can be used as a solution for multiple infertility issues, such as-

  • Endometriosis
  • Low sperm counts
  • Problems with the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Problems with ovulation
  • Antibody problems that harm sperm or eggs
  • The inability of sperm to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus
  • Poor egg quality
  • The genetic disease of mother or father
  • An unexplained fertility problem

Moving on to the cost of IVF in Delhi, let’s look at the influencing factors that affect the cost of IVF treatment in Delhi.

Factors influencing the cost of IVF in Delhi-

There are significant criteria that decrease the chances of conceiving a baby, and those same factors play an essential role in the IVF cost in Delhi. The more crucial the factors will be, the more will be the charges.


The rate of infertility decreases with increasing the age of women. The more the age, the higher number of fertility dosages are required for the women. Thus, depending on the number of chances the experts have for fertilization, age plays a significant role in increasing the IVF cost in Delhi.

Obesity or Body Weight

Your overweight or underweight can be a big minus point in conceiving a baby. Sometimes the situation is not in favor, and the women need multiple or high dosages for fertility. Thus, it’s suggested to maintain a healthy body or BMI if you plan to conceive a baby.

Other lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle is a pre-eminent factor, which can change a couple’s life. In our day-to-day life, people are moving more towards alcohol and smoking, whatever the reason is.

Thus, if you want an excellent fertility rate, then either men or women, you must quit unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.

In simple words, the lower the chances of conceiving, the higher the IVF treatment cost in Delhi.

Grouping of IVF cost in Delhi-

The IVF cost in Delhi is divided into two categories, depending on the cost (a) Basic Cost (b) Advanced Cost.

Basic Cost:

The basic IVF cost in Delhi is approx. 1,75,000-2,00,000 RS. This includes a process where the egg and sperm of the intended parent are fused in vitro to form an embryo, then, after fertilization, implanted into the uterus of the intended mother.

Advanced Cost:

The advanced IVF treatment cost in Delhi varies on the procedures and treatment the couple had to undergo to conceive a baby. For instance, if the women’s eggs are not fertile enough, or the egg count is not enough, the egg donor service is used. In the process, a young, healthy woman between the ages of 21-28 is used for donating the egg. Plus, the ideal conditions to conceive a baby are examined for the safety of the embryo. Thus, this treatment can cost around 3,30,000 Rs.

Moreover, if the couple chooses a surrogacy treatment, then the cost can go further than that.

Other, the entire cost of IVF in Delhi can increase or decrease according to add-on treatments due to infertility issues.

What do the exact prices of IVF treatment cost in Delhi?

You will find different prices for IVF treatment costs in Delhi, but when it comes to Fertility Center Delhi, we try to cost as little we can. Now, you can bring back your happy life with a baby in just 1,50,000 Rs.

The price may slightly increase or decrease according to the infertility conditions of the couple and chances to conceive a baby.

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