How much does surrogacy cost in Chennai?

Who Selects Surrogacy As A Method Of Becoming A Parent?

Infertility is a problem faced by many couples and the causes of this some more get raised in front of them. This treatment is for those who are not able to conceive naturally. After many intercourses, the couple does not get results. 

The situation when couples face such issues is when a female gets born without having those body parts that help them to conceive such as the ovary and uterus. Also when couples get connected with some who is like them such as gay, lesbian, or transgender. 

In these cases, they feel to have their own baby through surrogacy where the third woman carries the baby in her womb for 9 months and after gives it back to the couple. 

The couple can have their own biological baby through this procedure too. As there are two ways of surrogacy to get the desired result. The surrogacies are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. 

Do you want to make yourself aware of the Cost of surrogacy in Chennai then carry on with the article as here you get everything which your need? 

How Does The Surrogate Get Pregnant?

The procedure of surrogacy gets followed in two different ways as traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. 

Traditional surrogacy is the treatment where the surrogate mother carries the couple’s baby by donating her eggs too. In this treatment, the male partner gives his sperm for the pregnancy. The treatment of traditional surrogacy gets done through the IUI procedure. 

The procedure of IUI is done where experts pick up the good quality of sperm from the male partner. And further, the experts inject the selected good-quality sperm into the surrogate mother’s uterus. After the treatment goes natural as it gets done in normal pregnancy. 

Gestational surrogacy is an infertility treatment where the couples asked for the embryo which will insert into the surrogate mother’s uterus. The treatment starts by examining the couple to know the quality of eggs and sperm. As per the quality the experts suggest the medication to mature the eggs. Thus it can be fertilized together in a cultural dish. And at the time when the embryo changes into a blastocyst, the experts transfer it into the surrogate mother’s uterus. 

The surrogate mother will be the biological mother of the baby. As in this treatment, the surrogate mother donates her eggs. But in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother will not be the biological mother of the baby. The embryo which get developed through couples of eggs and sperm. 

Can Surrogacy Occur in Chennai?

As per the Indian constitution surrogacy treatment can be done by couples who are struggling with infertility issues. 

The legal aspect of surrogacy is also is define in two ways such as commercial surrogacy and altruistic surrogacy. 

Commercial surrogacy is about where the surrogate mother gets money in exchange of her service of carrying someone else baby in her womb. Which is not legal in india. The indian constitution did not permit to surrogate mother to have money in exchange of surrogacy. 

And second is altruistic surrogacy, where the surrogate mother will get all the faculty which she needs while the treatment but she can not charge monye in exachge of a baby. 

Cost of surrogacy in Chennai 

It is necessary to have the rough idea regarding cost or expenses done during the treatment thus patient wont face any problem regarding price. In this article all expenses are done that heppen during the treatment. Thus one can manage their budget. 

The average charges of surrogacy in chennai is Rs 1006100 to Rs 2035500. Where all the expense are including such as consultation, medications, laboratory process, etc. 

Surrogacy ProcedureCost (Surrogacy Package)Surrogacy Procedure
Surrogacy using own eggs & own spermsRs. 15 Lakh To 18 LakhSurrogacy using own eggs & own sperms
Surrogacy by donor eggs and own spermsRs. 16 Lakh to 19 LakhSurrogacy by donor eggs and own sperms
Surrogacy with donor sperms and own eggsRs. 16 Lakh to 20 LakhSurrogacy with donor sperms and own eggs
IVF (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)Up to Rs. 4 LakhIVF (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)
Surrogate Mother Selection (Cost)+ Blood Tests (Cost) + Surrogate Mother Preparation (Cost)Up to Rs. 2 LakhSurrogate Mother Selection (Cost)+ Blood Tests (Cost) + Surrogate Mother Preparation (Cost)
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to Rs. 70,000Normal Vaginal Delivery Cost
cesarean section or C-section Delivery CostUp to Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhcesarean section or C-section Delivery Cost
Housing for Surrogate mother (Cost) + Food (Cost)Up to Rs. 3 LakhHousing for Surrogate mother (Cost) + Food (Cost)
Caretaker Costs + Cook ( Cost ) + Maid for Surrogate Mother CostUp to Rs. 1 LakhCaretaker Costs + Cook ( Cost ) + Maid for Surrogate Mother Cost
Surrogate mother Post Pregnancy Protein and Medication CostUp to Rs. 40000Surrogate mother Post Pregnancy Protein and Medication Cost

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Can someone be surrogate for friend or family member?

Yes, it is possible to become surrogate for friend or family member. This types of surrogacy called identified surrogacy. 

How much time does surrogacy takes?

The on an average time surrogacy take is one year but it can be go for two years too. 

Is baby biologically relates to a surrogate mother?

It depends to the treatment which is get taken by couples as in traditional surrogacy the baby relates to the surrogate mother. 

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