How much Does Surrogacy cost in Bangalore

The reason for facing infertility issues can be anything as each human is different from the other. But there are some situations that have been specified by experts to figure out this issue such as genetic problems, low egg quality, low sperm quality, smoking, alcohol, unexplained infertility, age, etc. 

There are many treatments that have been figured out by experts to complete the process of fertilization. These processes are IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. 

Surrogacy is for those who do not want to get pregnant or cannot be pregnant for some reason. It could be anything because of fear, for their career, for some health issues, etc. that she can not carry the baby. 

In the article, there is a discussion about the cost of surrogacy, the types of surrogacy, and the differences between the types of surrogacy. 

What is surrogacy?


Surrogacy is the treatment in which the surrogate mother carries the baby of the couple in her womb. Then give it back to them after the delivery of the baby. There are two types of surrogacy treatment available as it can be completed through the couple’s embryo or only a couple’s sperm. 

The two types of surrogacy are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is worked through the donor’s egg where the male partner’s sperm is required. The treatment will be completed by leaving the male sperm in the surrogate mother’s uterus. Then the further process will be done naturally. 

But in the case of gestational surrogacy, the treatment goes through the IVF process where the couple will be ready to create an embryo in the laboratory through the long process. 

Difference between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy

There is a difference between the treatment of traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. 

Traditional surrogacy gets completed through the IUI method where the surrogate mother will be the biological mother of the baby as she will also donate her eggs. And further, she will deliver the baby. 

But in the case of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother will not be a biological mother of the baby as the eggs used for fertilization will be couple eggs. And the biological mother and father of the baby will be a couple. 

To complete the process the couple will go through the IVF treatment where the embryologist will develop the embryo in the laboratory. Then leave it in the surrogate mother’s uterus. 

What is the legal aspect of surrogacy? 

If we talk about the legal aspects of surrogacy in India, there is a rule passed in India where commercial surrogacy is banned. So there will be no money exchange offer and will be allowed to give a surrogate mother as per this rule. 

Meanwhile, altruistic surrogacy is allowed where the couple has to complete 5 years of their marriage, and the age of the female patient needs to be between 25 to 50. Also in this surrogacy, the couple can only have a baby through their relatives. And the age of the surrogate mother should be between 25 to 35. 

What is the cost of surrogacy? 

The cost of surrogacy in India is between 15,00,000 to 25,00,000 which includes all the expenses that will happen during the process of surrogacy such as consultation, cost, legal fees, stay, insurance, etc. 

Surrogacy ProcedureCost (Surrogacy Package)Surrogacy Procedure
Surrogacy using own eggs & own spermsRs. 15 Lakh To 18 LakhSurrogacy using own eggs & own sperms
Surrogacy by donor eggs and own spermsRs. 16 Lakh to 19 LakhSurrogacy by donor eggs and own sperms
Surrogacy with donor sperms and own eggsRs. 16 Lakh to 20 LakhSurrogacy with donor sperms and own eggs
IVF (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)Up to Rs. 4 LakhIVF (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)
Surrogate Mother Selection (Cost)+ Blood Tests (Cost) + Surrogate Mother Preparation (Cost)Up to Rs. 2 LakhSurrogate Mother Selection (Cost)+ Blood Tests (Cost) + Surrogate Mother Preparation (Cost)
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to Rs. 70,000Normal Vaginal Delivery Cost
cesarean section or C-section Delivery CostUp to Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhcesarean section or C-section Delivery Cost
Housing for Surrogate mother (Cost) + Food (Cost)Up to Rs. 3 LakhHousing for Surrogate mother (Cost) + Food (Cost)
Caretaker Costs + Cook ( Cost ) + Maid for Surrogate Mother CostUp to Rs. 1 LakhCaretaker Costs + Cook ( Cost ) + Maid for Surrogate Mother Cost
Surrogate mother Post Pregnancy Protein and Medication CostUp to Rs. 40000Surrogate mother Post Pregnancy Protein and Medication Cost

Why choose a fertility center India for surrogacy treatment?

The fertility center in India is the best surrogacy centre in India. As it fulfills all the requirements that are needed during the process of surrogacy. 

The staff of the center is well organized and friendly ensuring the comfort of couples. There is a team of experts that treats one couple at a time. The treatment starts with a free consultation where the requirements will be explained whether the couple needs the treatment or not. 

Then further treatment starts. The centre ensures the treatment under the legal aspects. That will do the treatment without taking an illegal process. 


In short, the article is about the cost of surrogacy in India with its process and types. Where one will get to know about surrogacy, surrogacy is the process that is completed through the surrogate mother that carries the baby in her womb till delivery. Also one will know about the legal aspects of surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is banned in India and altruistic surrogacy is legal which can be done. 


What is traditional surrogacy?

Traditional surrogacy is done through IUI treatment where the sperm of a male patient will be transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. 

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is surrogacy where the couple will be the biological parent of the baby. It gets completed through IVF treatments. The embryo gets transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. 

Is commercial surrogacy legal in India?

No commercial surrogacy is not legal in India.

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