The article is about surrogacy as millions of females are suffering from infertility problems. The treatment is specifically innovated for females who are not eligible to carry a baby in their womb because of some reasons. 

The medical reason why females are not eligible for pregnancy is because the female is born without an ovary or with heart disease. And in some cases people choose not to carry the baby in their womb to carry their professions. 

Now, in this post one will get to know about the top 10 best surrogacy centre in Bangalore, the process of surrogacy and its types, and its legal aspects. Also, get the point to be ensured while taking the services. 

What is surrogacy?


Surrogacy is the process where another female will carry the baby in her womb till delivery and then give it back to the couple.  There are two types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. 

Traditional surrogacy is performed through IUI treatment where the experts leave the sperm inside the surrogate mother’s uterus and the further process is done naturally as it goes into a natural pregnancy. In this process, the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the baby, as she is also performing the role of an egg donor. 

Gestational surrogacy is the treatment where the treatment goes through the IVF process. And the couple goes for the laboratory embryo that prepares through a medical procedure. 

The treatment begins by examining them. This examination is to figure out the condition of eggs and sperm. Then there will be medication start where the female patient will get some dosage to mature the eggs. Further, it will be picked out from the ovary and the selected sperm will be added to it. And after some days when the blastocyst gets ready then it will get transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb. 

Before beginning both processes, the very important process will be done of examining whether the surrogate mother can carry the baby or not. 

Legal aspects of surrogacy?

The legal aspects of surrogacy are two types: commercial and altruistic. Where commercial surrogacy is banned. It is illegal to get money in exchange for the baby. The surrogate mother can not charge money for delivering the baby.

Altruistic surrogacy is legal with some terms and conditions. Where one has to take services through their relatives. And the age of surrogate mothers needs to be under 25 to 35. To get it the couple has to complete five years of their marriage. 

Faculties one will get in fertility centre in India 

The center provides all kinds of faculty that is needed while doing the treatment. It starts through consultation. Get free consultation where they will be suggested the best treatment for infertility for themselves. 

The further process starts with some tests to get to know the issues of infertility. Then the team works on it and diagnoses them. The team of experts goes through the problem in depth and then resolves it. And suggest the best treatment 

Top 10 best surrogacy centre in India 

The list of the top 10 best surrogacy centre in India includes all the faculties that a couple needs while treatment from consultation to delivery. The center will take care of everything. The one will get it at affordable prices. Both types of surrogacy services will be provided to couples. Whether traditional or gestational. 

1. Fertility centre India 

The fertility centre in India is one of the best IVF centre in India that provides all types of infertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. the couple gets both surrogacy services whether traditional or gestational. 

Ensuring all the legal aspects. That there will be no complications faced after the couple. The environment of the centre is friendly with friendly experts and staff who provide their availability 24*7. 

There will not be legal problems faced by couples who are coming to take surrogacy services from the centre. The legal team will ensure all the documental work. The aim of the centre is to help all couples who need this treatment. And make them smile through their skills. 

Email address – [email protected]

Contact number +91 8882480477


2. Med fertility

Med fertility is the centre where one gets all fertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. with the aim of making all the couples happy through their skills in infertility treatment. 

The centre works through consultation and they go in depth about the problem to figure out the best infertility treatment for couples. The couple will get a team of experts that diagnose their infertility cause and suggest a solution.

The centre provides services all over the world. And the vision is to complete the families by giving them the happiness of parenthood. The environment of the centre is well organized so that one will not feel anxious. 

The staff is welcoming and kind that provides services 24*7. The team is well-experienced and trained and has done many successful treatments. 

Email address  [email protected]

Contact number – +254 701 669315 


3. Medicover fertility

Mediciver fertility is one of the best infertility centres that pay the services of infertility to one who needs treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. 

The centre has been running for 26 years with many well-experienced doctors. they have completed many successful infertility services. The staff of the centre is very well trained by training which makes the environment of the centre friendly.  

The one will get provided with the legal team that will ensure all the legal terms of surrogacy till delivery. So that the couple does not get worried about legal factors. More than 88 lakhs couples have come for treatment in this centre.

Website –

Contact number – 7862800700

4. Fertility research center in Delhi 

The establishment of the centre was in 1993. The fertility research centre in Delhi pays for the services of all infertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. the center is run for more than 30 years and it has provided more than 16,500 babies through prestige. And they have delivered more than 7000 babies all over the world. 

Email address [email protected]

Website link –

5. Akanksha IVF centre 

The Akanksha IVF centre was founded in 2002. With the aim of providing all types of surrogacy services such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. Ensuring all the legal aspects of the couple through the legal team. The centre has been running for more than 20 years and has done many successful treatments. The staff of the centre is well trained and made many couples happy through their fertility skills. 

Website link –

Email address – [email protected]

6. Vins fertility centre 

One must have heard the name of this centre as it is a well organized centre in India that provides one of the best infertility services including IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. 

The center was established 20 years ago and is giving service now with growth. There are more than 80 clinics available at this centre in India and have made many couples. 

Email address [email protected]

Website link –

7. Gaudium delivering motherhood dreams 

The establishment of the Gaudium centre with the aim of making the couple able to feel parenthood. The vision of the centre is to make the dream come true of the couple through the techniques of infertility. There are all types of fertility techniques available such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. 

There are many treatments that have been done successfully that made the dream come true. 

Email address –

Website link – [email protected]

8. Surrogacy Centre India 

Surrogacy centre India has been providing surrogacy services of surrogacy for many years. The couple will get all surrogacy treatment whether traditional or gestational surrogacy. The team at the centre is dedicated that work 24*7 and ensuring the needs of the couple. 

There are many branches of the clinic that have completed many surrogacy treatments through IUI and IVF. and the legal aspects will be handled by the team that will help couples. 

Email address – [email protected]

Website link –

9. Pride IVF

Pride IVF is the best centre that gives infertility centers where one will get all infertility services IVF, IUI, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. 

There are more than 15000 couples who have the desire to be parents. The Delhi branch of this IVF pride provides advanced infertility services. The doctor of the centre is well trained and experienced as they have done many successful infertility treatments. 

Website link –

Email address – [email protected]

10. Benson IVF 

Get all types of infertility services in Benson IVF as it provides the services such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. also get egg donors and sperm donors. The treatments are affordable. So that the services can be taken by any average man. 

The doctors of the clinics are well-skilled in infertility as they have done many treatments for infertility and have succeeded. 

Email address – [email protected]

Website link –


In conclusion, the article is about the top 10 best surrogacy centre in India. Where the one got to know about surrogacy and its treatment. There are both types of surrogacy discussed in the article and with their legal aspects. The centre included in this list are well-recognized and trusted. There are many couples who desire parenthood. 


Is commercial surrogacy banned in India?

Yes, commercial surrogacy is banned in India. 

Who needs surrogacy?

The one who can not carry their own baby needs the treatment of surrogacy.

What is traditional surrogacy?

Traditional surrogacy is an infertility treatment that is done through IUI treatment.

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