Best Surrogacy Agency in India: Your Trusted Partner for Fulfilling Parenthood Dreams

Parenthood is a cherished dream for countless individuals and couples, but for some’s purposes, accomplishing it might need help through surrogacy. In India, surrogacy has arisen as a feasible choice for those confronting fruitlessness or ailments keeping them from conveying a pregnancy. As the interest for surrogacy develops, so does the requirement for dependable and respectable surrogacy agencies. This article investigates the best surrogacy agencies in India, their administrations, success rates, success rates, and the transformative impact they have on the lives of aspiring parents.

Understanding Surrogacy in India


What is Surrogacy and How Does it Work?

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique in which a woman, known as the substitute or gestational transporter, conveys and conveys a child in the interest of another individual or couple. This game plan is especially gainful for people who can’t convey a pregnancy because of different ailments, repetitive pregnancy misfortune, or other fertility issues. Surrogacy can be a beam of expectation for same-sex couples, single guardians, and couples confronting difficulties with considering or conveying a pregnancy to term.

Types of Surrogacy: Gestational vs. Traditional Surrogacy

There are two primary types of surrogacy: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

  • Gestational Surrogacy: In gestational surrogacy, the expected guardians’ incipient organisms, made through in vitro treatment (IVF) utilizing the eggs and sperm of the planned guardians or contributors, are moved into the uterus of the gestational transporter. The gestational transporter has no hereditary connection to the kid as the undeveloped organism is exclusively gotten from the expected parents or donors.
  • Traditional Surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy includes utilizing the substitute’s own eggs to consider the youngster, making her the hereditary mother. In this kind of surrogacy, planned impregnation is normally used to treat the substitute’s eggs with the expected dad’s sperm or giver sperm. Because of the legitimate and profound intricacies engaged with conventional surrogacy, it is less common compared to gestational surrogacy.

The Legal Framework for Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India is governed by the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Regulation Bill, 2020. This bill aims to regulate the practice of surrogacy and protect the rights of all parties involved, including the surrogate, intended parents, and the child born through surrogacy. The bill allows altruistic surrogacy, where the surrogate does not receive any monetary compensation beyond medical expenses and insurance coverage related to the surrogacy.

The Role of Surrogacy Agencies in Facilitating the Process

Surrogacy agencies play a crucial role in guiding and facilitating the surrogacy process. These agencies act as intermediaries between the intended parents and the surrogate, providing support and coordination throughout the journey. Their responsibilities include:

  • Surrogate Screening and Matching: Surrogacy agencies meticulously screen potential surrogates to ensure their physical and emotional suitability for the process. They then match the intended parents with a compatible surrogate based on their preferences and requirements.
  • Medical and Legal Assistance: Surrogacy agencies collaborate with experienced fertility clinics to handle the medical aspects of the surrogacy process. They also provide legal guidance, ensuring that all legal formalities and contracts are in place to protect the rights of all parties involved.
  • Emotional Support and Counseling: Surrogacy can be an emotionally intense journey for both the intended parents and the surrogate. Surrogacy agencies offer emotional support and counseling services to help navigate the emotional challenges and ensure a positive experience for everyone.
  • Logistical Coordination: Surrogacy agencies manage the logistical aspects of the surrogacy process, including medical appointments, travel arrangements, and accommodation for the intended parents during the surrogacy journey.

The Popularity of Surrogacy in India for International Intended Parents

India has emerged as a popular destination for international intended parents seeking surrogacy due to various reasons:

  • Affordable Costs: Surrogacy in India is often more cost-effective compared to many other countries, making it an attractive option for international intended parents.
  • Legal Framework: The legal regulations in India provide clarity and protection for all parties involved, which instills confidence in international intended parents.
  • Skilled Medical Professionals: India boasts a pool of skilled fertility specialists and medical professionals experienced in conducting surrogacy procedures.
  • Availability of Surrogates: The availability of willing and qualified surrogates in India contributes to the popularity of surrogacy services in the country.

However, it is essential for international expected parents to lead careful examination, grasp the legalities, and pick legitimate surrogacy agencies that stick to moral practices to guarantee a smooth and successful surrogacy journey in India.

Factors Defining the Best Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy is a deeply personal and close to home excursion for planned guardians and substitutes the same. Picking the right surrogacy agencies is a basic choice that can fundamentally influence the general insight and outcome of the surrogacy interaction. The best surrogacy offices share normal characterizing factors that put them aside and guarantee a smooth, moral, and satisfying excursion for all gatherings included. Here are the key factors that define the best surrogacy agency:

  • Ethical and Transparent Practices: The best surrogacy agencies focus on moral practices and straightforwardness all through the surrogacy interaction. They maintain the trustworthy best expectations, guaranteeing that all gatherings included completely figure out their freedoms as well as limitations. Moral agencies are focused on safeguarding the close to home, physical, and monetary prosperity of both expected guardians and substitutes.
  • Experienced and Compassionate Team: An experienced and caring group is crucial for an effective surrogacy venture. The best surrogacy agencies utilize gifted richness trained professionals, guides, and care staff who have a profound comprehension of the surrogacy cycle. They give customized care, direction, and everyday reassurance to expected guardians and proxies, making the whole excursion more sensible.
  • Comprehensive Services: A comprehensive range of services is a hallmark of the best surrogacy agencies. From initial evaluations and surrogate matching to legal assistance and post-surrogacy support, these agencies handle every aspect of the surrogacy journey. This comprehensive approach streamlines the process for intended parents and ensures a seamless experience.
  • Legal Expertise: Navigating the legal intricacies of surrogacy can be complex. The best surrogacy agencies possess in-house legal expertise or collaborate with experienced surrogacy lawyers to facilitate the legal procedures smoothly. They ensure that all necessary contracts and agreements are in place, safeguarding the rights of both intended parents and surrogates.
  • High Success Rates: Success rates are a crucial factor for intended parents seeking the best surrogacy agency. High success rates reflect the agency’s proficiency in coordinating successful surrogacy journeys, increasing the chances of a positive outcome for intended parents. Agencies with proven track records inspire confidence and trust among prospective clients.
  • Safety and Hygiene Standards: The safety and well-being of both surrogates and intended parents are paramount. The best surrogacy agencies adhere to stringent safety and hygiene protocols in all medical procedures and practices. These agencies prioritize the health of surrogates and ensure the highest standard of care throughout the surrogacy process.
  • Clear Communication and Support: Effective communication is essential in surrogacy to address any concerns, clarify expectations, and provide regular updates to intended parents and surrogates. The best surrogacy agencies maintain open channels of communication, ensuring all parties feel informed and supported at every stage of the journey.
  • Past Client Testimonials: Positive testimonials and feedback from past clients are indicative of a surrogacy agency’s reputation and credibility. Intended parents can gain valuable insights from the experiences of others who have successfully completed their surrogacy journey with the agency.
  • Commitment to Cultural Sensitivity: As surrogacy often involves individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, the best surrogacy agencies demonstrate cultural sensitivity and adaptability. They respect and accommodate the unique cultural preferences and requirements of intended parents and surrogates.
  • Financial Transparency: Clear and transparent financial policies are essential for intended parents to understand the costs involved in the surrogacy process. The best surrogacy agencies provide detailed breakdowns of expenses and potential additional costs, ensuring that intended parents are fully aware of the financial commitments.

In Additions, the best surrogacy agencies do an amazing job to give outstanding consideration, backing, and direction to planned parents and proxies. Their obligation to moral practices, experienced groups, extensive administrations, legitimate skill, high achievement rates, wellbeing norms, and straightforward correspondence make them an encouraging sign for people and couples leaving on the extraordinary journey of surrogacy.

Top 5 Best Surrogacy Agencies in India

Surrogacy in India has acquired critical notoriety as a feasible choice for people and couples looking for being a parent. As the interest for surrogacy builds, a few surrogacy agencies have arisen, offering a scope of administrations and backing to expected guardians. Here, we investigate a portion of the top surrogacy agencies in India, known for their moral practices, experienced medical teams, and successful surrogacy journeys.

Fertility Centre India

Fertility Centre India is a prominent name in the field of helped multiplication, known for its outstanding achievement rates and complete scope of surrogacy administrations. Driven by Dr. Neha Gupta, a prestigious fruitfulness trained professional, the middle offers customized care to expected guardians all through their surrogacy process. Their group of experienced richness specialists, instructors, and legitimate counsels guide and backing expected guardians from the underlying conference to the post-surrogacy stage. Fertility Centre India likewise takes extraordinary consideration in coordinating expected guardians with reasonable proxies, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for all parties involved.

Bloom Life Hospita

Bloom Life Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing cutting-edge fertility treatments, including surrogacy. With a team of highly skilled fertility specialists and embryologists, the center has achieved remarkable success rates in surrogacy treatments. They emphasize individualized treatment plans, combining advanced technologies with compassionate care. Bloom Life Hospital also offers counseling services to intended parents, helping them cope with the emotional aspects of their surrogacy journey.

Sneh Hospital

Sneh Hospital is a well-known fertility specialist with extensive experience in assisted reproductive technologies. The foundation offers a scope of fruitfulness medicines, including gestational surrogacy. Sneh Hospital is focused on giving moral and patient-driven care, guaranteeing that planned guardians get the most ideal help and direction all through the surrogacy process. Their attention on straightforwardness and open correspondence has procured them the trust and satisfaction of many successful intended parents.

Saraogi Hospital and Iris IVF Centre

Saraogi Hospital and Iris IVF Centre is a leading fertility center in Mumbai, known for its dedication to achieving successful outcomes in surrogacy treatments. Dr. Mohit R Saraogi, the founder and director, is an experienced fertility specialist with a passion for helping couples realize their dreams of parenthood. The center offers a range of fertility services, including gestational surrogacy, and maintains high standards of safety and hygiene in all procedures. The compassionate and empathetic team at Saraogi Hospital ensures that intended parents feel supported and cared for throughout their surrogacy journey.

SCI IVF Centre

SCI IVF Centre is a prominent name in the field of fertility treatments, known for its advanced technologies and personalized care. The center, led by Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, a renowned fertility specialist, provides comprehensive fertility services, including gestational surrogacy. Their commitment to excellence, ethical practices, and patient satisfaction has made SCI IVF Centre one of the preferred choices for intended parents seeking surrogacy in India. The center’s experienced team of fertility experts and support staff ensure that intended parents receive the best possible care and guidance at every step of their surrogacy journey.

In general, The best surrogacy agencies in India offer a beam of expectation for planned guardians looking for life as a parent through surrogacy. With their accomplished clinical groups, moral practices, and sympathetic consideration, these agencies give a groundbreaking encounter, transforming dreams of life as a parent into a delightful reality.

Services Offered by Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy agencies play a crucial role in facilitating the surrogacy process and guaranteeing a smooth and effective excursion for all gatherings included. These agencies offer many administrations and backing to expected guardians, surrogate, and the clinical group, making a far reaching and very much oversaw surrogacy experience.The services offered by surrogacy agencies typically include:

  • Surrogate Matching: Surrogacy agencies carefully screen and coordinate planned guardians with reasonable substitutes. They think about different elements, including clinical history, mental evaluations, and individual inclinations, to guarantee a viable match.
  • Legal Assistance: Surrogacy includes complex legitimate strategies and arrangements. Surrogacy agencies give lawful ability to draft and survey contracts, protecting the freedoms as well as certain limitations of all gatherings included.
  • Medical Evaluations: Surrogacy agencies work with reputable fertility clinics to conduct thorough medical evaluations for both intended parents and surrogates. These evaluations ensure that all parties are physically and emotionally prepared for the surrogacy journey.
  • Psychological Counseling: Surrogacy is an emotionally charged process for all involved. Surrogacy agencies offer counseling services to intended parents and surrogates, helping them navigate the emotional aspects of the journey with care and support.
  • Logistical Support: Surrogacy agencies assist with logistical arrangements, including travel arrangements for intended parents if they are from a different location or country. They also ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the surrogate during the pregnancy.
  • Financial Guidance: Surrogacy can involve significant financial costs. Surrogacy agencies provide financial guidance and assistance, helping intended parents understand the costs involved and explore available payment options or financial aid.
  • Support and Communication: Throughout the surrogacy journey, agencies maintain open and regular communication with all parties involved. They provide continuous support, addressing any concerns or queries that may arise.
  • Coordination of Medical Procedures: Surrogacy agencies coordinate all medical procedures, including fertility treatments, embryo transfer, and prenatal care. They ensure that medical appointments are scheduled and executed efficiently.
  • Monitoring and Updates: Surrogacy agencies closely monitor the progress of the pregnancy and provide updates to intended parents. This includes regular medical updates and other relevant information related to the surrogacy process.
  • Post-Surrogacy Support: After the birth of the child, surrogacy agencies continue to offer support and assistance, ensuring that all necessary legal and administrative procedures are completed smoothly.

In summary, surrogacy agencies act as a crucial bridge between intended parents, surrogates, and medical experts, offering far reaching types of assistance and backing all through the surrogacy process. Their mastery, direction, and empathy make a positive and extraordinary experience for all gatherings engaged with the endowment of being a parent through surrogacy.

The Journey of Hope

The journey of surrogacy is a profound experience for both planned guardians and substitutes, loaded up with trust, feelings, and groundbreaking minutes. The best surrogacy agencies in India assume a critical part in working with this excursion, ensuring that it is guided with care and sensitivity from start to finish.

  • Testimonials from Intended Parents: Intended parents who have successfully achieved parenthood through surrogacy frequently share inspiring tributes that say a lot about the help and commitment of the top surrogacy agencies. These tributes feature the agencies’ amazing skill and ability as well as highlight the close to home effect they have on the existences of expected guardians. For some, surrogacy is the acknowledgment of a long-loved dream, and the tributes stand as a demonstration of the expectation and delight these organizations bring to families.
  • The Impact on Surrogates: The surrogacy journey is equally transformative for surrogates, who generously offer their time, sympathy, and obligation to help other people experience the delight of being a parent. Top surrogacy agencies in India put enormous significance on the physical and profound prosperity of substitutes, guaranteeing that they are upheld in the meantime. The experience of being a substitute permits them to feel empowered and proud of their role in creating a family, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment.
  • Emotional Support and Empowerment: One of the key aspects that distinguish the best surrogacy agencies is their emphasis on emotional support for both intended parents and surrogates. From the initial consultations to the birth of the child, these agencies offer counseling and guidance to help individuals and couples navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with surrogacy. This support network is crucial in ensuring a positive and empowering experience for everyone involved.
  • Celebrating New Beginnings: The birth of a child through surrogacy marks the beginning of a new chapter for intended parents and surrogates alike. The best surrogacy agencies understand the significance of this moment and celebrate the arrival of the little one with genuine joy and happiness. Witnessing the happiness and fulfillment of intended parents as they hold their newborn for the first time brings immense satisfaction to the dedicated professionals behind these agencies.

In Additions, The journey of hope through surrogacy is a transformative experience that unites expected parents, surrogates, and surrogacy agencies in India. With sympathy, empathy, and skill, these organizations guide families on their way to life as a parent, leaving an enduring effect that goes past the introduction of a kid. The tales of trust, euphoria, and love shared by expected guardians and substitutes stand as a demonstration of the significant job these organizations play in making dreams come true and creating a world of happiness for families.

Costs of Surrogacy Agency in India vs Countries and Regions

The costs of surrogacy can vary significantly depending on the country or region where the surrogacy is being pursued. Every nation has its own lawful and administrative structure encompassing surrogacy, which impacts the general costs included. Moreover, factors like clinical expenses, proxy remuneration, legitimate expenses, and organization charges add to the variety in costs. We should analyze the costs of surrogacy agency services in India with those in different countries and regions:

Surrogacy Agency Costs in India

India has been a popular destination for international intended parents seeking surrogacy because of its generally reasonable expenses and deep rooted surrogacy industry. The typical surrogacy office charges in India can go from $20,000 to $40,000, which incorporates surrogate compensation, clinical costs, lawful expenses, and organization charges. However, it’s fundamental for note that business surrogacy is right now restricted in India, and just philanthropic surrogacy is permitted for Indian citizens.

Surrogacy Agency Costs in the United States

The United States is known for its advanced medical facilities and well-regulated surrogacy laws. The average surrogacy agency fees in the U.S. can range from $100,000 to $150,000 or more. The higher costs are primarily due to surrogate compensation, medical expenses, and legal fees. Additionally, the process of matching intended parents with suitable surrogates is comprehensive and requires thorough medical and psychological evaluations.

Surrogacy Agency Costs in Europe

European countries have varying laws and regulations regarding surrogacy, making the costs diverse across the region. Countries like Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia have emerged as popular destinations for international surrogacy due to their relatively lower costs compared to other European countries. The average surrogacy agency fees in these countries can range from $30,000 to $60,000.

Surrogacy Agency Costs in Southeast Asia

Countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Cambodia, were previously popular choices for surrogacy, but their regulations have undergone changes, limiting the options for international intended parents. Costs in Southeast Asia can vary significantly, but they generally range from $30,000 to $50,000.

Surrogacy Agency Costs in Latin America

Some Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Colombia, have become popular destinations for surrogacy due to their more relaxed regulations and relatively lower costs. Surrogacy agency fees in these countries can range from $40,000 to $70,000.

Generally, The costs of surrogacy agency services administrations change essentially across nations and districts because of contrasts in guidelines, clinical costs, surrogate compensation, and lawful charges. While India has been a practical decision for surrogacy, expected guardians should think about different variables, including lawful perspectives, clinical offices, and the general experience given by surrogacy agencies, while settling on their choice. Talking with trustworthy surrogacy agencies and understanding the total breakdown of expenses is urgent for planned guardians to settle on informed decisions in regards to their surrogacy process.


The best surrogacy agencies in India assume an extraordinary part in satisfying the fantasies of life as a parent for endless people and couples. With their moral practices, experienced groups, and far reaching administrations, these agencies offer a beam of trust and a way to life as a parent for those confronting infertility challenges. The effect of surrogacy goes past making families; it engages surrogates and gives pleasure and satisfaction to planned guardians. Through their commitment and empathy, these agencies embody the true essence of surrogacy, making a significant and positive difference in the lives of all those involved.


1. What makes a surrogacy agency the “best” in India?

The best surrogacy agencies in India are known for their ethical practices, experienced medical teams, comprehensive services, high success rates, and positive patient testimonials. They prioritize the well-being of all parties involved and offer personalized care throughout the surrogacy journey.

2. How do I choose the best surrogacy agency in India for my needs?

Choosing the best surrogacy agency involves thorough research, reading reviews and testimonials, considering success rates, examining the range of services offered, and assessing the agency’s reputation for ethical practices and transparency.

3. What services does a top surrogacy agency typically offer?

A top surrogacy agency offers a range of services, including medical evaluations, surrogate matching, legal assistance, psychological support, embryo transfer, and post-surrogacy care. They provide comprehensive support to intended parents at every stage of the surrogacy process.

4. How do I know if a surrogacy agency is ethical and trustworthy?

Ethical and trustworthy surrogacy agencies prioritize the well-being of all parties involved, adhere to legal guidelines, maintain transparency in their procedures, and focus on the physical and emotional health of the surrogate and intended parents.

5. What factors should I consider when assessing a surrogacy agency’s success rates?

When evaluating success rates, consider the number of successful surrogacy journeys, live birth rates, and the agency’s experience in handling various types of surrogacy cases, including international surrogacy.

6. Does the best surrogacy agency in India provide legal support for surrogacy procedures?

Yes, the best surrogacy agencies in India offer legal support to ensure that all legal formalities and documentation related to surrogacy are handled appropriately, safeguarding the rights of intended parents and surrogates.

7. Are there any additional services provided by top surrogacy agencies to support intended parents emotionally?

Yes, top surrogacy agencies often provide counseling services and emotional support to intended parents throughout the surrogacy journey, helping them cope with the emotional challenges and uncertainties involved.

8. Can international intended parents avail surrogacy services from the best agencies in India?

Yes, many of the best surrogacy agencies in India cater to international intended parents and offer specialized services to assist them with the surrogacy process, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling experience.

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